Winter Revival: Bible Baptist Church, Big Rapids, Michigan

Teh Millers                                                        Pastor and Mrs. Geoff Miler (Lisa)

We just finished a revival meeting in Michigan. I preached Thursday through Sunday. The people were very receptive and the Lord gave me liberty to preach. This church was  started by Geoff Miller and his family in 2010. The attendance is already in the high fifties and they have a strong missions and church-planting emphasis. Judy spoke at a Ladies meeting on Saturday afternoon and made a hit with the women speaking on the subject of fulfillment.

Included here is an excerpt from a kind note I received from Pastor Miller today.

“Your fellowship, friendship and preaching of The Word was refreshing not only to me, but I believe also to our people. One of our men who was saved a few months ago and needs to identify w/ Christ in baptism called me yesterday and spoke of some of the details of your Sunday morning message and then confessed his need for baptism and also seeing the will of God regarding his participation in our door to door witnessing. Praise the Lord!

Yes, I say, “Praise the Lord,” as well. Bible Baptist Church was a special blessing for us. Good preparation was given to every detail of the meeting in advance. I was reminded of a quote I heard from my friend Mark Jacobs: “Proper, prior preparation prevents poor performance.”  It certainly was true in this case.

Judy and I are getting ready to drive to Temecula, California for the February GIBF Meeting. I ask  you to pray that we will have a safe journey and that the opportunities that we have to minister for the Lord along the way will all be fruitful and helpful to the churches.

Robert Lewis
I Cor. 15:58

Steven and Mrs. (Andrea) Ward Song Leader


Allison and Andrea (Pastor's daughters)

Brother and Mrs. James CytackiBro. and Mrs. James Cytacki (Mary Anne)

The Cytacki family is helping out as they are “between churches.” It is their goal to plant another church as a mission from Bible Baptist Church at some time in the future. Their son, Darryl, plays the piano in the services.


  • Introducing Evangelist

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3 Responses to Winter Revival: Bible Baptist Church, Big Rapids, Michigan

  1. Benjamin Park says:

    Bro. Lewis, it was so good to hear how the Lord is using you and Mrs. Lewis for to establish people’s lives. Pastor Miller is a good friend of us, and we will be with them in April. Good to hear the Lord is blessing God’s people everywhere! See in in Termecula, CA in Feb.

    Bro. Benjamin Park

  2. Lisa Miller says:

    Thank you Judy for a timely message to the ladies of Bible Baptist Church of Big Rapids, Michigan. God’s hands, I believe, molded some tender hearts with the truths of the Word through you that afternoon. Thank you for your ministry with your husband and giving of yourself to us during this meeting!

  3. Petricks says:

    Thank you for posting the pictures & exciting times in Michigan. The Millers have been special to our family for a long time! They have been a blessing & encouragement many times through the years. It was also great to hear of the Cytacki’s wanting to start a church. Friends serving the Lord is always a blessing to see.
    Thank you Bro. Lewis for your ministry. Your dear wife was a blessing one time when you were in Mt. Vernon, WA! Her lesson was timely as that very week we found out dad Graves had cancer. Thank you for being used of the Lord!

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