Visit with Dennis and Judy Fountain

Pastor and Mrs. Dennis Fountain Picture
Pastor and Mrs. Dennis Fountain with Mrs. Fountain’s father (left)

Today, Sunday, June 5th, my wife and I visited the services at Wilson Creek Baptist Church in Battlefield, MO. Our purpose for being here was to check up on the condition of Dennis Fountain who has been going through treatments for cancer. We had a great time tin the services while Pastor Moody preached and were able to join him and the Fountains for a lunch prepared in the gumnasium of the church. Brother and Mrs. Fountain are having lots of visitors and phone calls. Today her father from Indiana came to be with them. They are surrounded with relatives and friends. The future is not clear as far as the cancer is concerned, but Brother and Mrs. Fountain will remain in MO until the chemo treaments are finished, which is suposed to be about six months. Cards and letters may be sent through Wilson Creek Baptist Church. They are not covered by health insurance.

Wilson Creek Baptist Church
6411 S Farm Road 115
Battlefield, MO 65619-9399
            (417) 883-2468
Picture of Pastor and Mrs. Moody

Pastor and Mrs. Randall Moody

The Fountain family with Robert and Judy Lewis

The Fountain family with Robert and Judy Lewis

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