‘Twill All Be Right At Last

Pray on, pray on. O weary not,
Tho’ great thy conflict be;
Look bravely up, and trust in Him
Whose love abides with thee.
Remember how He led thee forth,
Thro’ toils and dangers past;
Tho’ yet unanswered is thy prayer,
‘Twill be right at last.


‘Twill all be right, ’twill all be right,
‘Twill all be right at last;
Pray on, pray on, O weary not,
‘Twill all be right at last.

‘Twill All Be Right At Last, Courtesy of the Cyber Hymnal
John14:14 If ye shall ask anything in my name, I will do [it].
Words: Fanny Crosby, in Writing Songs, by John Sweney
(Philadelphia, PA: John J. hood, 1982)


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