Support Letter 10/27/12

As of the writing of this letter, we are in Newport, Vermont. I will be speaking about ‘Harvest Time’ on Sunday, October 28, at Bible Baptist Church where Brian Fecher is the Pastor. It is sunny today, but the mother of all tropical storms, (Frankestorm) is about move up the coast and destroy all the Halloween festivities. Too bad. Thankfully, in New England, there will be mostly power outages and water damage. All the friends and loved ones we have are preparing. I will not send this letter in the mail, as I usually do, since we have been, and will continue to be, traveling for some time.Since our last letter, we have been in 11 churches. Most of the meetings have been missions’ conferences. In August: I flew to Costa Rica to help GIBM Missionary Bob Martin. I taught the last module in his institute on The Church and preached the graduation service. After preaching in Costa Rica, I worked with Pastor Dick Webster at GIBM Deputation School teaching several hours and preaching one night at the Missions Revival at Liberty Baptist Church. In September: I preached  for Marvin McKenzie, Bible Baptist Church, Puyallup, WA;  Rick Wilder, Olympia Bible Baptist Church, Olympia, WA ;  Russ Tyree, Valley Bible Baptist Church, Auburn, WA;  I also attended the  GIBF Meeting hosted by Bible Baptist Church, Everett, WA, where six new missionary candidates were endorsed and introduced to the Fellowship. Returning to Texas, I preached at Grace Baptist Church, Flower Mound, TX, and First Missionary Baptist Church, Healdton, OK. So far in October: I preached an 8 day mission’s revival for David Peterman, Christ Independent Baptist Church, Philadelphia, PA, (this church responded enthusiastically to the challenge of increasing their faith (Their faith promise commitment increased by 58% over their last year’s giving). While in Philadelphia, I also preached for Joe White, Grace Baptist Church.  One Wednesday, I preached for Randy Lewis, Blackstone Valley Baptist Church, Cumberland, RI, and one Sunday at Calvary Baptist Church, Middletown, RI. (This church is without a pastor at this time, and prayers should be offered for them as they go through the process of waiting on the Lord to provide the man for their pulpit).Our plans for December: We still have several engagements on the calendar and many miles to travel to keep them. We are driving one of our son’s vehicles while in New England. Our plans include preaching at the 38th Anniversary service for Pastor Martin Stevens, Sherbrooke, QC, and one Sunday with Mario Monette, in St. Hubert, QC.  The churches and the faithful men who continue to pastor in New England need special prayer.  As many as 60 million people live on the East Coast. I think it was Larry Clayton who said, “If they spoke a different language and there was a fence around them, we would consider it a mission field.” There is a tremendous need for church planters and ministry teams here. There is no “Home” and “Foreign” designation in the Bible. Jesus plainly said, “The field is the world.” It is hard for me to find words to express my appreciation for the support that many of you have provided to keep us going for the Lord. Although it sounds redundant and flat, we are truly thankful for your faithfulness to help us. God has opened many doors for us, and it is your support that makes it possible for us to go through those doors. We want to help churches and missionaries in every way we can for as long as we can.Best Wishes Always!
Robert Lewis 1 Cor. 15:58


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