January 2012

I would like to take a moment and heartily recommend Bro. Robert Lewis to other independent Baptist pastors. Those who appreciate a solid Baptist evangelist, who not only has a vision for international evangelism but also knows how to encourage the local pastor and the local church congregation, will be blessed through his ministry.

Having planted this new church just 20 months ago I have sought to very carefully teach and promote a very Biblically based position on the local church (as opposed to anything universal/invisible) and also a very Biblical approach to genuine NT missions. In our revival meeting last week Bro. Robert Lewis clearly advanced both of those positions. Not only did he present an experienced voice in these matters but also showed our people that you can hold to the standards of the scriptures and do so with a sweet spirit.

Serving in the GIBM missions office provides Bro. Lewis w/ a “hands-on” awareness of the location and needs of many solid Baptist missionaries serving the Lord all over the world. Knowing the doctrinal position of the missionaries that associate w/ the GIBM has twice now provided me w/ missionary candidates for our missions conference as we get this new church established in global outreach. Pastors who desire an experienced evangelist to come and advance these same great Biblical positions have such a man available in Evangelist Robert Lewis.

Thanks for reading,

Pastor Geoff Miller
Bible Baptist Church
Big Rapids, MI

April 2012

To Any Who Would Ask:

Having Brother Lewis come for our missions conference went great. His experience, preaching ability and most of all, his heart for the Lord – made for a very effective ministry among us. We could not have been better served in our efforts to establish a missions vision and program in this new church. I heartily recommend Brother Lewis for missions conferences or any other preaching assignment.

In His service,
Bob Williams
Bible Baptist Church
Indianapolis, Indiana

April 26, 2012


 We just finished our third meeting with Robert Lewis. He has preached two missions conferences and one revival service for us in four years. He and Judy have been nothing but a help and a blessing. Their history and experience with church planting and foreign missions allows them to effectively minister to churches. Every year our people ask, “When are they coming back?” You can be assured that if you schedule them to come that they will not be “almost a blessing” but a blessing. The greatest compliment that I can give Robert and Judy, is that they are a friend to pastors and churches. It is obvious that when he preaches and teaches, that he does it with experience, love and compassion. Each of our churches would benefit from their ministry.

Pastor Matthew Furan
Calvary Baptist Church
Niagara Falls, New York

I concur in every way. Bro. Bob is ALWAYS a blessing. I am proud to call him my friend; but he is a friend to the cause and to everyone who is given to the cause.

Pastor Dave Lydick
Midlands Bible Baptist Church
Bellvue, Nebraska

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  1. I am happy to recommend Robert Lewis to any pastor. We have had Bro. Lewis for our Faith Promise Mission Sunday on two different occasions.
    His messages have been a tremendous blessing to our church family and he is an encouragement to this pastor personally. If you have the opportunity to have Bro. Lewis at your church you WILL NOT be disappointed!

    Rocky A. Harrill
    Tulsa Baptist Temple
    Tulsa, OK

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