Philadelphia, PA

Robert and Judy Lewis

Robert Lewis, CharlesHorton, Dave Peterman

­On Saturday,  October 6th, my wife and I connected in Philadelphia to continue our ministry together. On October 7th, we started an eight day missions revival with Pastor Dave Peterman and Christ Independent Baptist Church. Brother Peterman has been in the church since 1988. He joined the staff of the church in 1992 under the leadership of Pastor Victor Rivera, who pastored in Philadelphia from 1986 until 2009.  Pastor Rivera is now the Director of Northeast Baptist Outreach, which is a church planting ministry of Christ Independent Baptist Church.  Pastor Peterman accepted the pastorate in October, 2009. This church is the sending church for three church planting missionaries and currently supports sixteen missionaries and projects. Three of the missionaries (Acquilino to the Philippines, Stevens to Honduras, and Riveras to the NE) are  out of this church are endorsed by Global Independent Baptist Missions. As we entered into the missions revival the church was giving 13% of all of the offerings to missionaries and missionary projects through faith promise giving. I preached Bible messages every service with an emphasis on giving to the Lord and going to the mission field. Many people rededicated themselves and their assets to the Lord during the meeting. This was an eight-day meeting. In all I preached to the congregation eleven times. They were gracious and many of them came to every service. My wife spoke to the ladies of the church on Saturday and I spoke to the men separately about ministry issues.  Pastor White of Grace Baptist Church graciously allowed my wife and I to occupy their missions apartment for the week, saving the church quite a sum of money. I spoke at Grace Baptist Church two times on August 14th and thanked them for their contribution to this missions revival. At the conclusion of the meeting the church family an increased their weekly committments to missions by 58% over last year’s giving. We were very well cared for while visiting in Philadelphia and the church provided a generous love gift to us when the meeting was over. We are off in the morning to New England where we have several more meetings over the course of the next few weeks.

Please remember to pray for our safety and our effectiveness in ministry.

Pastor David Peterman, Cathy, Bethany, Nathaniel,and David
Christ Independent Baptist Church, Philadelphia, PA

Fran and Marivel Aquilino
Missionaries to the Philippines

Eliel and Stephanie Toledano
Spanish Church Planters, Lumberton, NJ

Kevin DeAngelo, Church Planter
Zion Baptist Church, Haslet, NJ

Anthony Garris, Church Planter
Inner City Baptist Church, Camden, NJ.

DeWayne Rawlings, Nathan Peterman, David Peterman

Victor and Katie Rivera and his mother, Haydee

Pastor Joe White, Grace and children
Grace Baptist Church, Phiadelphia, PA

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