Pastor Chad Spence

Dear Pastor,
Please allow me to personally recommend the ministry of Robert & Judy Lewis. The Lord has uniquely equipped & enabled Br. Lewis to serve Pastors and Missionaries.
Having planted a church in New England and then pastoring that same church for over 30 years, Br. Lewis understands your desires but also your struggles. He empathizes with you because he has walked where you walk. I am certain that his experience and wisdom was God sent as he provided counsel and ministered to me. I was facing a problem that literally had the potential of ripping apart the church and put me on the sideline. He prayed with me and then offered counsel on how to steer Gods people through troubled waters. Six months later, we have now emerged from those troubled waters and I know the outcome would have been very different had the Lord not sent the competent counselor, Br. Robert Lewis. What excites me is that I have now seen that I am not the only one that the Lord helped through this servant. The Lord has sent Br Lewis to minister to many other pastors as well with their unique ministry challenges. So remember to pray for him as he ministers to the brethren. Perhaps he could be a blessing to you as well.
Also, through his ministry of the Global Resource Group and by serving as Assistant Director of Global Independent Baptist Missions he is most truly a servant to missionaries. Robert & Judy have an unfeigned love for missionaries. I have witnessed their true hospitality. Traveling missionaries live in their home more than they do!. Recently, as the featured speaker during our missions conference, the Lord used him to deliver spirit filled messages that challenged our church to surrender themselves to the Lord for the cause of the great commission. Our Faith Promise giving then rose to its highest level in our 35 years of ministry.
Men, allow me to remind you of the unique struggles that your wife faces. Your family lives in that fish bowl. And although your wife is the friend of every lady in your church, there is not any ladies in your church of whom your wife can confide. There is not another lady of the church in whom your wife can confide who understand the pressures of being the Pastors wife. Think of the times your wife has broke down and cried because of ministry pressure and you were the one consoling her. Well Mr. Fix it, you did your best as a husband, but she really needs a friend in the ministry. Mrs. Judy has been a tremendous blessing my wife.
Furthermore, Judy has also been the main speaker at several of our Ladies meetings. She has an incredible blessing to the ladies of our church.
I firmly believe that the Lord brought Robert & Judy into our lives to help me and to bless the Landmark Baptist Church. I would love to tell you more about this godly couple. Feel free to contact me directly at 214-878-3906 or

Servants Together,
Pastor Chad Spence
Landmark Baptist Church
Red Oak, Texas

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