Obamica / Obamanation?

The election is over. My son’s in-laws were involved in a car wreck last night that placed them in the hospital, and it is snowing. It is a gloomy day locally. It is a bad day across the country for Christianity as we have known it for the last fifty years. It would be easy to be negative about the results of the election. It would be easy to find somebody to blame for the turn of events that has led the country to install the most anti-Christian president this country has ever known. This is, no doubt, a partial result of the low numbers of bonafide believers who went to the polls to vote. The truth is that people with historic, constitutional, Judaeo Christian  values are now outnumbered in the citizenry of the United States. The non citizens, illegal aliens, and welfare recipients outnumber the tax payers, land owners, and entrepreneurs. Whether we have allowed it or not our country has forever changed towards becoming a socialist republic dominated by those who scoff at the constitution, religious freedom, and small business enterprise. Our politicians have voted themselves high salaries, exorbitant retirements, free medical service, and exemption from many of the rules and laws that others must live. It is obvious that we have political, moral, and religious corruption on a national basis. It is a cancer that is eating at the core values of our country. The love of money, power, and greed has tainted politics at every level. In order for a decent, law abiding person to rise in the ranks of political leadership he or she will have to learn the art of compromise with people who, by any normal standard of decency, have been infected with corruption. Sadly, corruption is becoming the norm in politics and government. Good people often shy away from government service simply because they know that they cannot survive the ordeal of political success and maintain their integrity at the same time. The rules of practice for foreigners to enter our country have been ignored. Redistribution of wealth from those who have accumulated it lawfully to those who have done nothing to warrant having it. There is a govenmental department to oversee every sphere of our lives. These departments are led by presidentially appointed “Czars” rather than cabinet level elected officials. Our country has evolved into what looks more like a kingdom than a “nation under God.” Until recently we have been a nation that has been goverened by a rule of law. There was a time when breaking that law was criminal. Now it is only political opinion. Nearly every kind of law breaker can be excused, or exempted by some political gerrymandering. Speeding tickets are about the only thing that sticks in court. Drunk drivers even get more than reasonable chances to escape the laws, especially if they are politicians. We may as well rename our country Obamica instead of America. It is indeed the Obama nation. I have survived twenty-eight winters in New England. Every storm seems to me worse than the last one. I won’t be around for twenty-eight more elections, but my children, and their children will be. I shudder to think of the what they will have to endure if each election continues to be worse than the last one. Christianity has never included the majority of the population. It is more practical to see that there is always a “remnant”  divinely preserved through the dark years for the glory of God. By the time mankind is finished destroying all the previous evidence of Divine Intelligence and rewriting history to suit their anti-God bias, Christians may indeed be living in the caves and dens of the earth once again. It is time to mourn and repent and seek the Lord while he may be found.

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