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After having a fruitful and very enjoyable experience with Pastor and Mrs. Rich Farinella and the generous members of Woodin Valley Baptist Church, we drove to the coastal city of Shelton, Washington. Bryan Sprenger and his wife, Camie have planted an independent Baptist church. We were with them for their mid-week service on Tuesday evening, and it was a special time. Their sending pastor, Pastor Rick Wilder form the Olympia Bible Baptist Church, Olympia, Washington,  was present along with his wife. Special music was provided by the Sprenger’s teenagers, Brandon and Breanna.


Mid Week Service – Shelton, Washington

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 Our next engagement was with Russ Tryree at the Valley Baptist Church in Auburn, Washington. We arrived on Wednesday, March 21, and finished the Missions Conference on Sunday morning March 25th. The total of the faith promise was several thousand dollars over the amount given in the the previous year. Pastor Tyree, his wife, Pastor David Wilder, and his wife were all very accomodating to us, making this another great experience for my wife and me. The Church family responded to the preaching in humility and optimism. We hope this will prove to be a long term missions revival for the church.


Pastor David Wilder, Pastor Robert Lewis, Pastor Russ Tyree

Pastor and Mrs. Russ Tyree

John and NeilaYell, Missionaries to Brazil 

On Sunday afternoon, March 25, we traveled to Vancouver, Washington, to participate in the services at Majesty Baptist Church. We stayed in the home of Pastor and Mrs. Virl Stalnaker. The church is a new one with several mature Chrisitans helping to evangelize the community. Pastor and Mrs. Stalnaker accompanied us down the Columbia River Gorge as far as Multinomah Falls where we ate fresh Salmon.

 Columbia River Gorge

Pastor Virl and Mrs. (Sandi) Stalnaker

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of the next week  (March 26-28), I preached at Yakima Bible Baptist Church, where David Brown is the Pastor. It was a great meeting with several missionaries presenting their works to the church for consideration. For me, the highlight of the meeting was to be able to visist with Seth and Megan Mau, whose son, Brandon,  has recenly lost an eye to cancer. They are weathering this storm gracefully but are concerned about the unfinished work that is awaiting their returrn. Brandon, is required to stay close to the hospital for the time being for ongoing treatments.

Seth Mau, Owen Mau

Megan, Maddison, Owen Mau

Pastor David Brown

 Pastor and Mrs. (Kay) Brown

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