Missions Revival at Yakima Bible Baptist Church

March 25th through March 29 were the dates set for the annual missions conference at Yakima Bible Baptist Church, Yakima, Washington. There were several ministries and missionaries represented at the meeting, however, the main focus of the meeting was the preaching of The Word of God. Pastor Brown had arranged for Robert Lewis, Assistant Director of GIBMissions to be the keynote speaker each evening. Choir Director, Charles Shaw, prepared wonderful missionary specials for the choir and orchestra for each service.  One night of the conference, the Spanish choir and ensemble of stringed instruments from Templo Bautista, Union Gap, Washington, provided music. Templo Bautista is a mission form Yakima, BBC. This Spanish church is flourishing under the leadership of Pastor AntonioVenegas, former GIBM missionary to Mexico. During the conference, people were very responsive to the dynamic preaching each evening. On Friday evening, one young person made a profession of faith in Jesus Christ and six young people surrendered to be missionaries or whatever the Lord would direct them to do with their lives. The success of the meeting was a result of many people praying and preparing for it in advance. There was a very large funeral in the church on Saturday, so the International Banquet was moved to Sunday PM. The banquet was very well attended and again there was clear and powerful preaching from the Word of God. In spite of the crowded schedule and the extra efforts that were required of the staff and the church family, it was truly an exciting time. Pastor Brown said, “It doesn’t usually happen like this. This has been a real blessing for our church.”  It turned out to be a genuine mission’s revival.

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