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Some of you will remember that I went to Baghdad twice. On the second trip, in 2004, while attempting to plant an independent Baptist Church, my friend and co worker, John Kelley was shot and killed. Many people have asked me about his family, and particularly his widow, over the years. We have be silent to allow them their privacy. I thought it to be a good time to share with you a little personal glimpse of Jane Kelley and her family. She is a peach and she works for CLA in Clearwater, FL.
February 2011
Jane Kelley and her family
Jane Kelley and her family

Dear Judy,

I received you email and card. Thanks for remembering me and John. The Lord is good! Life marches on!
Since John went to heaven…Jen graduated from High School and college. She is now preparing for the MCAT to get into medical school. She has met lots of young men, but Mr. Right hasn’t come along .Truth is all the kids have graduated from something.Julie finished law school and is licensed with the RI bar, the SC bar, and the NC bar. She received the “Compliat Award”, and John was mentioned at her graduation.James got his master’s degree and his CPA license. Jason joined the Navy and received the “Sailor of the Year Award” over his fleet of five ships. He finished electronic school and is trying to get into officers’ school. The boys have both gotten married. We now have 3 grandchildren. Pray that all will give their lives to God. I now live alone…Everyone was with me for Christmas. Oh, how I missed John but I find comfort in the sovereignty of God.

Psalm 116:15

Give my love to your husband. You both are special.
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  1. Madalyn Koelble says:

    I am trying to get in touch with my old friend Jane ( Herrold) Kelley. We knew each other back in the 70’s at Westville Baptist Church. Over Christmas, I sent a card to The Westminister Day School in St. Petersburg but was just contacted that it was the wrong person. I recognized Jane from the family picture that you posted. Can you help me ? Thanks.

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