Funeral: John and Wanda Casias

The funeral for John and Wanda Casias, GIBM missionaries to Mexico, was held today at Liberty Baptist Church, Lewisville, Texas. The building was full with over five hundred people in attendance.  John and Wanda had been missionaries twenty-nine years when they were murdered at their home in Mexico last Tuesday, January 31. James Wilkins gave a lengthy eulogy. Pastor Ben Frandsen gave a personal testimony as to the scope and fruitfulness of the work in Mexico. He noted that there were six funeral services in Mexico with hundreds of people in attendance. Doyle Mosely sang “Heroes of the Faith”.  One of John’s sons spoke on behalf of the family and expressed a desire that prayers be offered on behalf of the church in Mexico. They would like to see the wok continue and to prosper.  Pastor Dick Webster delivered a powerful message from Acts 2 honoring not only John and Wanda, but also the Lord Jesus Christ. He said it was a celebration of victory for John and Wanda and that they deserve as much recognition as any soldier who has fallen in battle.

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4 Responses to Funeral: John and Wanda Casias

  1. Eric Anundson says:

    I did not know this missionary couple personally, however I corresponded with them with questions about Mexico Missions and Brother John was always prompt in returning my emails. I will be praying for their work and hope that God calls someone to continue the work.

  2. Pastor Mike Walls says:

    this couple are heros of the faith

  3. “Two Soldiers Have Just Left Us”

    Two soldiers have just left us, they gave their lives away;
    In duty for the Master they sacrificed alway.

    Two soldiers have just left us, they died in full attire;
    They died high in the saddle while facing heavy fire.

    Two soldiers have just left us, but died not due to woes;
    They died because of loving dear Sharon’s precious Rose.

    Two soldiers have just left us, for God has called them home;
    Their work on earth is ended, now nevermore they’ll roam.

    Two soldiers have just left us, oh, hear the trumpets sound
    For angels are announcing in Heav’n the news around.

    Two soldiers have just left us, both heros strong and true;
    Their lives have left us better, now Heaven’s better too.

    Two soldiers have just left us, they died with dying grace;
    In death they both have fallen. Now who will take their place?

    Closing Refrain:
    Now who will take their place? Yes, who will take their place
    To tell a dying world of Christ Jesus and His grace?

    © Written by WDB.
    Sent in honor of John and Wanda Casias, valiant soldiers of the cross.

  4. Judon Casias says:

    Our parents are missed! God blessed them for a lot of years and couldnt feel more proud and blessed for the work they did for our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ! What nice comments mentioned and the poem was awesome! There work is being Carried on I know, I have been out there twice since they graduated and got to preach both times in the church God allowed them to start 30 yrs ago. Pastor Perales is Pastoring the church and the Holy Spirit is working in it! Praise God and all the Glory is his!

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