Everett, Washington

For the last three days several hundred of us (mostly pastors, missionaries and evangelists) have been the guests of Bible Baptist Church, Everett Washington. Erik Sanders is the pastor. The church was the host or the Global Independent Baptist Fellowship meeting. There are two of these meetings each year. One is in September and one is in February.  Usually various committees and advisory boards meet during the course of these meetings.  One of the highlights for me is being able to participate in the GIBM Board of Advisors meetings. In the September meeting, an offering is raised for the operational expenses of the Missions Office since no fees are exacted upon any of the missionaries nor their sending churches. The goal of $25,000 was set for this year’s offering. So far $13,000 cash and promises have been received. On Monday Night the GIBM BOA endorsed six new missionary families. Pastor Dick Webster (GIBM Director) introduced the families listed here to the fellowship in the public services over the course of the next two days.


Family Name

Given Name


Sending Church


Philippines Javier Lemuel Taylor  Bible Baptist Church Sapulpa OK
New Guinea Keck Kenny Kalie Bible Baptist Church Everett WA
Zambia Shrader John Esther Valley Baptist Church Auburn WA
Zambia Rea David Cherri Valley Baptist Church Auburn WA
USA Boston Riveiro Adam Dianne Westgate Baptist Church Tampa FL
Chile Williams DeVare Cindy Liberty Baptist Church Lewisville TX

It is my joy and privilege to work with Pastor Dick Webster and the sending pastors of these missionaries to help them accomplish what the Lord has called them to do. It is really exciting. Many lives will be changed and souls will be saved as a result this  great adventure we call “missions.” The meeting of the board ran late into the night as each one of the adult missionaries shared their testimonies, callings and burdens with the pastors on the board. It was refreshinbg and challening to hear them speak from their hearts the with passion wha the Lord has called them to do.

Kenny and Kalie Keck – New Guinea

John and Esther Shrader – Zambia

Adam and Dianne Riveiro – Boston

DeVare and Cindy Willaims – Chile

David and Cherri Rea – Zambia with Pastors Tyree ane Wilder

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  1. Fountain says:

    Praise the Lord that we were able to attend the Tuesday services. What a blessing to see the GIBM Missionary family continue to grow. Each of these families will be greatly used by our Lord.
    Thank you Brother Lewis for your tireless work for our Saviour.

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