Dinosaurs Leave Big Footprints

One thing about dinosaurs is that they cannot be ignored. They were here and they were big. They had a huge presence. They arranged the environment. They affected everything which they had contact with. They were the epitome of significance. They were fearless, and they left big footprints. In some places, in spite of catastrophic events and environmental changes their footprints remain. No amount of speculation or denial can remove the fact of their history. They had a huge presence and now they are gone.

Sometimes old fashioned Bible preachers are called dinosaurs by those who would change with the times. Modernists contend that there is less and less need for the old geezers who still wear white shirts and neckties; who still have Sunday Evening services, Wednesday Evening prayer meetings, and preach from the Authorized King James Bible. Theses preachers still preach from pulpits and still have altar calls. The progressives say that they have gone on to the “next level” in their ministries. I wonder what is the next level, and what is the final level? How many levels are there and where does it all stop evolving? Perhaps when they are at the highest level they will simply have smiling instead of preaching and humming instead of singing. At this level they will be comfortable in their relaxed environment with their casual approach to worship. They feel good. They are happy. There are few, if any, strict rules to follow, and just look at the NUMBERS!

I suppose that some believe that the “survival of the fittest” must include the evolutionary process of ministering. Liberals are constantly searching for a better message and a better way to deliver it. There is no bedrock finality to truth for them. They are ever learning but never able to come to the truth. They consider that the Bible is mostly true, and they want to use it to the best advantage of getting the biggest crowd possible. Getting a big crowd has somehow become their goal. The truth is that dinosaurs DO leave big footprints. These footprints are fossilized in the bedrock of real history. They can be ignored, distorted, and explained away, but they existed until they were removed by an act of God. So the great caravan of Bible preachers exists today. They have been called unpleasant names and marginalized into the footnotes of history. Humanists, who are forever exalting man and bragging about his accomplishments, are determined to remove old- fashioned Bible Believers from a significant place in the historical record. Yes, man in his own opinion, will one day arrive at the truth, and he will become significant in preparing this world for the occupation of the Savior. His never ceasing attempts to modernize, update, cleanse, and beautify the world speak of his spiritual life gone afoul. He thinks dinosaurs are bad for the environment and that their days are numbered. He believes that the very Word of God is an evolving body of truth and that only the enlightened theologians can really understand.

I don’t know what the next level is. I certainly don’t want to see all of the old conservative preachers disappear. I am sure that no amount of pressure or modernistic speculation can prevent them from walking on the old paths and preaching from the old book. One thing I have noticed. There are some young “dinosaurs” who will also one day leave big footprints. The fact is that they cannot be eradicated except by an act of God. So, I am encouraged by the big footprints left in the past and by the young dinosaurs of the present. I am glad they are both still here with us.

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2 Responses to Dinosaurs Leave Big Footprints

  1. Lana Santino says:

    Pastor, Thank you for the footprints that you left on my life. I have never been the same. Thank the Lord for you and for HIS grace. Thank you for your godly example and for the man of conviction that you are. Only eternity will reveal the footprints that God used you to make all over the world……………With great love and respect, Gary and Lana

  2. Dick Sonier says:

    I praise God for Bro. Bob Lewis. He led me to the Lord 34 years ago. I probably would not be a Missionary/Evangelist today if it was not for some of the things I learn from him. May God Bless you Brother Lewis!

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