Who is Robert Lewis?

Robert Lewis

Robert Lewis is an independent, fundamental, missionary minded, Baptist evangelist who stands for the fundamentals of the Christian faith. He and his wife have long been active in church-planting and missionary evangelism. Brother Lewis is available for the Lord’s use in Bible Institutes, Missions Conferences, Revival Meetings, and Pulpit Supply. He is eager for the Lord to use him to assist Pastors and Missionaries in their ministry endeavors.  Mrs. Lewis is an able Biblical counselor, and has been used many times in Ladies meetings to help women understand their Biblical responsibilities and privileges.

Mrs. Judy Lewis

Brother and Mrs. Lewis are both committed to the Baptist people and the King James Bible. If you believe that Bro. or Mrs. Lewis could be of help to you in the work that the Lord is doing in your ministry, please email them for available dates. They will respond quickly to any questions you may have.  They both have a burden for being a help and encouragement to Pastors and Missionaries of independent, Baptist churches. They have traveled to several foreign countries to plant or help  Baptist churches (see Journals).

Mailing address: 5213 Alexander Drive, Flower Mound, TX, 75028

Evangelist Robert Lewis – DOB – 01/08
Mobile Phone: (401) 286-2400
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Facebook Account:  Robert Lewis
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Mrs, Judy Lewis – DOB – 07/04
Mobile Phone: (401) 286-2401
Facebook Account: Judy Lewis
Blog: Given To Hospitality

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  1. Lise Sharkey says:

    Hi I just wanted to say Hello!!!from the UK!
    Walt still not saved, our son is, not our daughter Kate My mother – not sure – she may have just wanted to please my sister (this year,
    after she had a few strokes-ie my mother)
    Hope you are well
    Lise (Mailloux) Sharkey

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