Bible Baptist Church, Delano, California

Today my wife and I spent the day with church planter Carlos Seranno and his church family in Delano, California. Brother Delano is a Graduate of Heartland Baptist Bible College. He started the church four years ago and has about eighty attendees on Sunday. He has a team from Lancaster Baptist College that comes to help each Sunday. There is a visitation program on sunday afternoons. Today they led one lady to the Lord. I taught Sunday School,  and preached in both the morning and the evening services. The congregation was very receptive and many of them responded to the gospel invitation. the church is now meeting in a community room at an apartment complex, but has located a suitable property on main street. They are praying for the Lord’s direction concerning the purchase of the property.

Pastor and Mrs. carlos Serrano and Family

Pastor Carlos Serrano, Robert Lewis

Mike Kappold, Yanet Flores, Jennifer Ingram, Rueban Marquis

Future home of Bible Baptist Church?

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