Auburn Washington

September 16, 2012. Today was Round Up Day at Valley Bible Baptist Church.

I  preached in the AM & PM service and taught a Bible lesson in the SS class  to the adults. The church served a generous home cooked meal after the services for all the attendees. It was delicious. Pastor Tyree has been the pastor of this church for more than forty years. David Wilder is the Assistant Pastor. This is the church that is the sending church for two families that have surrendered to make up “Team Zambia.” David Rea and his partner John Shrader and their families make up this team. The church family is excited about the opportunity that has been afforded to these two men in Zambia. The attendance was not a record, but it was good and there were first time visitors present as well as old friends who had absented themselves for a long time. Several people availed themselves to the use of the altar during the services.

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