Applications, Questionnaires and Openness

When a pulpit committee offers a questionnaire to be filled out by a prospective candidate for the pastorate there are several things that should be considered.

  1. You are the one who presumes to have a calling from God
    1. You need to have been properly trained by a pastor
    2. You need to have been sent into the ministry
    3. You need to have a credible history of an authoritative ministry
  2. If you are an authentic man of God, You have a ministry to share
    1. The ministry is not a “job” to seek It is a service to offer
    2. The Lord is the one who places His men in His churches
    3. You must not become a hireling or you will not last in the ministry
  3. Be open and transparent with those who ask you questions if you want them to trust you
    1. They have a right to ask about your doctrine
    2. They have a right to ask about your family
    3. They have a right to ask about your morals
    4. They have a right to ask about your credit history
  4. Be prepared to ask the pulpit committee your own set of questions
    1. You are not a beggar looking for a handout
    2. What you believe and require is as important as what they believe and require
    3. This relationship is a commitment much like a marriage
  5. The pastor is to be the chairman of the Board
    1. He is to be chairman of the Trustees to have physical oversight
    2. He is to be chairman of the deacons to have spiritual oversight
    3. He is to “Take care of” the church of God
  6. Be willing to humble yourself in your service to the Lord
    1. There are many wolves in sheep’s clothing
    2. There are many phonies moving from church to church with no longevity; no productivity, and no consistency
    3. Credibility is the one thing you need and you cannot have without a good record
  7. Let God open the doors He wants you to go through
    1. If He does not open a door, do not force it
    2. If He does open a door then go through it
    3. Your ability to manipulate people, facts, and agendas will probably get in the way
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