3rd Party Solutions?

Churches are closing at an alarming rate. Many pastors are so discouraged they leave the church they are pastoring and sometimes leave the ministry. Churches are losing properties because of internal struggles and financial catastrophes. Deacon boards are ill equipped to handle these challenges when there is poor leadership and sometimes, mismanagement. God never intended for a church to struggle through hard times and trials without a God called shepherd to lead them.  When a pastor leaves, the church is often found in a difficult situation. If he is fired, conventional wisdom comes up with a new set of rules for the new pastor to follow based upon the failures of the previous pastor. There will now be more accountability for the preacher, and probably less cooperation  from the leadership in the church. This plan provides a platform for carnal solutions. If the pastor quits, the church is devastated. Oftentimes during the period where there is no pastor the church experiences diminishing attendance which lends itself towards diminishing  financial support. This pattern can be seen in every size of a church and in every area of the country. Sometimes Satan makes the burden seem so heavy that the church is faced with losing its property.  At the same time corrupt men may have their eyes on the value of the property and hope to gain personally by the demise of the church. It doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. In this country there are dozens, if not hundreds, of men who have had years of experience and possess a treasure of knowledge concerning the proper discharge of the Biblical principles that must govern the work of the Lord. Many of them are, or could be, available to be the “Third Party” in finding solutions for churches which are in turmoil.  No amount of human wisdom nor knowledge of Robert’s Rules of Order can prevent a catastrophe if the men in charge of the pulpit are not spirit-filled men who speak the truth in love. Preventive measures could save embarrassing  circumstances that often surprise good people. Biblical knowledge and Biblical practices must go hand in hand to resolve the issues that face New Testament churches in the twenty-first century. It does not follow that closing churches is something to take lightly. There are many new church planters available, but to lose the value of a church property and scatter a congregation surely must grieve the Lord and the people who invested their time, money, and talents, to bring the church to its present status. These assets cannot easily be replaced and  are not always directed towards continuing a testimony in the same location as the troubled church. God is not the author of confusion and His plan is for order in His church. By His grace we shall lend ourselves to “Third Party Solutions”. If we cannot be that third party, we will search until the Lord provides the man, or men, who will bring to the table the gifts and skills necessary to resolve the conflicts and help troubled churches move from survival to prosperity in a Biblical pattern.

If you know of a church, a pastor, or a deacon board that is having a difficult time resolving issues why not prayerfully consider inviting a “third party” to the table to offer help before the church collapses and the resources are completely lost. We have some Fundamental Baptist men who have many years of experience standing by to offer help. Some of them are available to help at little or no cost.

Third Party Solutions
Call (401) 286-2400 for more Information
Email: 3ps@baptistresources.us


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2 Responses to 3rd Party Solutions?

  1. Fountain says:

    Great letter for a greater problem. Some (ie. Lloyd Gross) are doing such work, while many others could be available; even if for just a temporary time. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to your future articles.

  2. Greetings to you Bro.Lewis,I want to express my gratitude for you and your wife.You both have been a GREAT BLESSING to fellow pastors and churches.May the LORD continue to strengthen and bless you folks.

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