3PS-Frankenstein Fellowship of Churches?

The Phenomenon of the Frankenstein Fellowship of Churches

Someone actually stated the other day that there was no Biblical precedent for a preacher to stay in one place for decades… As if like Congress they should have term limits.. Where does such Biblically deficient thinking come from? We have elevated the office of the pastor somehow to the point he is above the church and not actually a part of it. The pastor is a PART of that local body, not some figure aloof of it! Churches that experience multiple pastors in quick succession are in great distress!  It is like constantly having heart transplants and expecting the body to be made stronger by it! Shepherds and sheep alike in this modern day seem to be constantly uprooting themselves in search of the greener pastures! Most people have little understanding of the local church and many churches are Frankenstein Fellowships made up of a hodge podge of members from various bodies. Dislocated, displaced, and disgruntled people all present together in the latest and greatest ministry in town! Principle has been replaced and pragmatism has become the means, programs are now the methods and promotion is now the message by which these institutions exist and expand. The pulpit no longer is the place for preaching the Word line upon line, precept upon precept, but rather is a steady supply of pacifying placebos and prescriptions of anti-rejection medication aimed at keeping it all together! This MONSTER we are speaking of is the ultimate fruit of an unbiblical view of the local assembly. Pastors have become ladder climbers as each church has become just a better “package” than the last. This reduces the local church to a stepping stone in the pursuit of a better and more prestigious pastorate. Meanwhile, the people become wanderers too; they wander from pasture to pasture pursuing the best programs and most soothing placebos roduced in the pulpits. If folks would grow and bloom where God planted them less MONSTERS would haunt the countryside, less struggling churches would suffer the constant bleed of members, and more growing and vibrant churches would arise that not only are able to minister better to their own people, and reach their own communities, but they could START more churches and SEND missionaries from their own assemblies! ALSO, pastors would be more ACCOUNTABLE and less SUSCEPTIBLE to falling into gross sin as they are trying to rise up the ladder! I will tell you what would help this, and that is ETHICS by pastors. Pastors can’t keep people from leaving for Greener Pasture Baptist Church, but if pastors were ETHICAL and had a Biblical understanding, communicating church with church less of this would happen. All too often, an unethical pastor accepts families with no questions asked… taking only a one-sided story and not one time even attempting to contact the church from whence they came. I am sure no preacher anywhere knows what I am talking about. If this environment was not so prevalent, “fallen” men could not be moved around from place to place as easily as they are these days. These disgraced pastors that should leave the ministry and mend their families, to once again serve the Lord as FAITHFUL MEMBERS, instead are “installed” in unsuspecting churches by the Baptist version of Popes and Bishops.

Let’s get BACK TO THE BIBLE. Let’s allow these MONSTERS to be MIRACULOUSLY healed by the help of God by getting back to the model and method of God’s Word.

Written by: Pastor David Peterman
Christ Independent Baptist Church
Philadelphia, PA.
Edited and quoted here by permission.


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  1. Well said! This needs to be read by every pastor.

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