They Must Assist

Brother Lewis,
Enclosed is something we talked about when you were here in March at Northgate. It adds some further thought to what you said about pastors not preparing for “retirement” from churches they put so many years into. This is from Numbers 8:23-26 from the Bible Reader’s Companion:  “They must retire” (8:23-26). God wants us to make room for the next generation. But the call to retire here is not an invitation to become idle. The O.T. says specifically, “they may assist.” But then the passage adds, “but they themselves must not do the work.” How we struggle to hold on to power, long after it’s time for us to turn responsibility over to others. How hard it is to realize that the most important role for the spiritually mature is one of advising. It is more important to enable others to do God’s work than to do that work ourselves.”    (underlining mine)
Thank you for all you do in helping preachers like myself and churches like ours. God bless.

Pastor Roy Prince
northgate Baptist Church
McAlester, Oklahoma

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  1. Robert Lewis says:

    Thanks for the update and the info about the priests. I will post it on my blog. God bless you richly for your faithfulness!

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